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Keyword being “slightly”. I am still thoroughly embarrassed. I feel like I made an ass of myself in front of the other students. I feel like they think I might be stuck up. I don’t want them to think that. I don’t care if they like me. But I’d rather them not like me for […]

sunrise 09.26.07 #2 Originally uploaded by hannahclark I really love surnises. I took this on my way to school Wenesday. I think I might go out and take some photos tonight. ;p I’ve got more on my flickr if you want to see them! Well I don’t have that many yet, but I plan to […]

I totaly bombed my speech. I got up in the front of the class, and I was ready and my mind went black. BLACK. The only thing that I managed to get out was my cat lady part. I had my note card and I read it, and the words still didn’t come out of […]



I like soup. Any kind of soup. Soup. Soup. Soup. Anybody have an good recipes? I’ve really been craving vegetable beef soup lately. But really good vegetable beef. I just ate some chicken and dumpling soup. Mmm. My leg is burning. Its probably because I have a laptop on my lap. Its an itchy type […]

Then click here! Now the Quad Cities really is not that bad. What gets me is they say to “Shop the day away at South Park Mall”. Uh, NEGATIVE. South Park Mall sucks, it reall sucks. I cannot spend more than two hours there without getting bored. They’re are so many much more awesome places to […]

Well shoot.


I was right, eating something did put me in a better mood. I know its bad but I haven’t been eating much lately. It’s not really on purpose either. I need to start eating breakfast again. I miss breakfast. I do at least try to eat granola bars in the morning. I always drink a […]

I was not able to give my Speech today. To be honest, I’m relieved. I really was not ready.  It isn’t that I wasn’t prepared. I was, I practiced it. But the “communication aprehention” took hold of me around 9:30 this morning. I got scared, really scared. I like talking about myself online, but not […]