For sure.


I just made another blog to accompany my many other blogs. I do not think I will let many people know about this one. I’ll keep it private (or as private as you can on the web)…except for a spare few people. Hopefully none of my offline friends will find out about this one. It does not matter anyway, they do not read my other ones.

 Okay so not using contractions is hard, and it sounds very awkward. ;p

 I have been listening to Phil Wickham a lot lately. I love him. I cannot even use words to describe him. He is just an amazing artist. I really wish they were more young people out there like him. He is so “on fire” for God. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places, but I have yet to find anyone like him around here.

 SPEAKING OF PHIL: ONE WEEK UNTIL CANNONS! I am so excited! *dances*

 But yeah. They are many kids around here who claim to be Christians, that don’t live it. I should probably stop talking about this. I’m getting apathetic.



 Ugh, I have to work today. I really do not want to. Well. Yeah.


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