Mawigge, mawigge is what bwings us togeva tweday…


So many of my friends are getting married, and some of them are even younger than me! Well okay not so many so many of my friends, but quite a few of them.

It’s just a bit weird for me. I’ve always dreamed of getting married. I certainly cannot wait to meet my future husband, fall in love, etc. And if I have already met him, well, I cannot wait to find out I am supposed to marry him. I mean it, I really cannot wait.

 I’m actually really thankfull that I have never had a boyfriend. And I really hope that the first “boyfriend” I have turns out to be my husband.

 Which brings me to my point.

 (and now its three hours later and I have lost my train of thought)

Maybe later on


One Response to “Mawigge, mawigge is what bwings us togeva tweday…”

  1. I really like that you want the only “boyfriend” you ever have to end up being who you marry.

    I also really like that you put quotes around “boyfriend”

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