Three posts in one day is definetely not a new record for me.


I used to blog like this all the time. Really I’m just procrastinating.  I have a speech due tomorow, that is already late. I was supposed to give it Monday…but my friends said it doesn’t sound like me…I shouldn’t have listened to them. I should have just given the speech. Oh well.

I missed blogging. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more over here. I have yet to tell my friends on geejay about this place. Will I, or wont I?

There are still a lot of things I need to transfer to my laptop. Most of my music..most because I do not listen to half of it anymore. I only ever listen to Falling Up and Phil Wickham these days. Along with the various new artists I’ve come across. I don’t listen to Relient K at all anymore. I mostly listen to worship music and Falling Up. That’s all.

 It’s weird for me to think back at my life during middle school and high school. I was such a different person then. I’m probably no cooler than I ever was, (and I’m okay with that!)..but I’m different. And then sometimes I look back and realize I haven’t changed much at all. I’m still silly, most always cheerful Hannah.

One of the things I’ve noticed that I’ve always loved are British TV shows, nicely designed buildings (especially shiny ones), and animals, specifically cats. Always. I’ve never NOT loved these things. Which is why one day I will move the UK. They have everything I love there, along with some pretty freaking awesome churches. :p

It’s getting cooler outside, FINALLY. I am so sick of hot and humid weather. Give me 40-60 weather anyday. I adore fall and winter. I would not be able to survive without them. Right now we’ve been in the 70’s which isn’t bad at all compared to the last few weeks of 90+ degree weather. Ahh the joys of living in the Midwest. We get every extreme. Let me tell you, I laugh at anyone who thinks 40 degree weather is cold. It’s not. That is grilling weather right there.

Pretty soon I’m going to break out my camera and take some pictures downtown as well as in the “country” in celebration of fall.

Oh and I’ve applied for a job at K-Mart. Pray I get the job! My brother works there and they all love him so hopefully I’ll get it. I just cannot stand working at Hungry Hobo anymore. I love my boss (most of the time), I love my coworkers, and heck, I even like the customers for the most part…but fast food, is not my thing.

I’d much rather work in retail or with coffee/tea….or anything but greasy fried foods.

An ending note: How do you spell grey? Do you spell it grey or gray? Personally I like it spelt it with an ‘e’. Grey…well how do you?

By the way ‘spelt’ is a weird word. There are lots of weird words….I just cannot think of any right now.


One Response to “Three posts in one day is definetely not a new record for me.”

  1. I like your seemingly random blog. (I came via Phil Wickham, by the way).. What other worship music do you listen to? And I don’t really think I like Falling Up too much. oh well.

    I think I spell it with an a. Gray. Unless I felt like being cool.

    – Zach

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