Well shoot.


I was right, eating something did put me in a better mood. I know its bad but I haven’t been eating much lately. It’s not really on purpose either. I need to start eating breakfast again. I miss breakfast.

I do at least try to eat granola bars in the morning. I always drink a glass of water. I love water. ;p Then I drink a cup of coffee. Of course…Coffee really isn’t good for you..but oh well.

This is sad. I cannot think of anything to write about. Where did my day go. Right out of my head apparentely. ;p

I just walked outside to my moms car to get here something and it actually felt “cold” outside. EXCITEMENT. I just have to keep telling myself..it will be fall weather (real fall weather) soon. Now its supposed to be in the mid-upper 70’s all week. UGH.

I want cool weather. I get in a bad mood when its warm out. In fact I’m happy when the weather is miserble. (Like cold and rainy days). Don’t get me wrong. I love the sun, just not when its warm out.

I’m such an odd person.

I’ve got cat hair all over my shirt. I love my kitties. Every-single one of them. Alex, Will, Grace, and Mickey. All sweet babies. Hannah = Cat Lady.

brb my momma wants to borrow my laptop. I told her she could use it, but she almost uses it more than me! Ahahaha.

I cannot wait until Halloween. I think I’ll either dress up as Pam from the Office or Rose from Doctor Who. Not sure yet. But I love Halloween. I just wont be giving out candy.

haha, okay, seriously I’ll brb.

FOR MY MOM: Coriander = Cilantro

/edit: This really sounds like an aim conversation. That’s kind of sad in a way. I’ll mention this a lot, but I miss my days of having a domain. Those were the good days. When people didn’t use live journals, xanga, and all those other blogging tools as much. The “golden age”, according to me. ;p

Egh, still no word from K-Mart. I need to call them tomorrow. I just need out of the dead end Hungry Hobo fast food job. My job puts me in a sad mood. Whenever I think about it I get upset.

I am extremely tired right now. I should probably go to bed. So goodnight, sleep-tight and God-bless.



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