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I, Hannah Clark, actually have a crush on someone. A true crush on someone. ┬áThis is odd. His name is Matt. Hes in Intervarsity with me. I can’t help it. He’s too nice to me. I won’t mistake kindness for him liking me though. Though I hope he does. I want to hold someones hand. […]

I still have those moments where I’m in awe of everything that God has done. I just think wow. He let his only Son die..for me. Even when I’m not worthy. It just amazes me. Can you immagine how painful that would be? I cannot even being to fathom it. Just think how sad God […]

Speak to me:


Close my eyes, I’m trying to listen Oh cause it’s been so long since I’ve heard you speak Send your love, cover over the distance Between You and between me Oh how long must I wait for my love Cause I need You oh I need You My heart is bursting and breaking apart For […]


My stomache is full of knots. I just realized I really like this guy. I really truly honestly like this guy. This is not good. And it could or could not be the guy I talked about in my last post. Shoot. -Hannah

I think I need to write before I work on my art paper. I cannot seem to concentrate at all today. My mind has been wandering all day. I came upstairs to work on my paper at 10:30 AM. Obviously it didn’t work. I have an essay due tomorrow for Comp as well. I love […]



I mentioned to my mom I might like to be a worship leader. She was okay with it. Hmmmmmmm.