Skipping English?


I’m sitting here in the student lounge/cafeteria wondering WHY I am skipping English. I hate skipping class and the only time I ever did it (which was twice) was because I had to. The first time I was talking to this guy from Canterbury, England about study abroad..and that class I missed was Algebra…the second time I had a job interview and I missed Art. I actually know why I am skipping. I’ve got the worlds worst headache/stomach ache combo and I don’t have my essay done. This is the last time I skip class ever. I hate it. I feel guilty when I do.

It smells gross up here. It smells like gross Subway breakfast and Subways gross weak coffee. I hate weak coffee. I like strong coffee and I’m sure everyone else in this college does too. So why do they serve nasty weak coffee? Yuck.

 I just feel gross right now. I’ve been getting these really bad headaches lately. I don’t know whats wrong, but if they continue I’m going to the doctor.

I found a really interesting guy on yesterday. It took me a while but I found his AIM sn. He seems like an awesome dude. There are not many awesome Christian guys around here, no lie. I have yet to find one. And if I do find one they are already married or engaged to be married. The rest of them claim to be Christians but they don’t live it…I can see it…and their jerks. They care about appearance mostly. Urg.

I hate that. Just because someone is overweight does not mean that they can’t be attractive. Yeah, I am overweight, but I know that I have a pretty face. But nope, most guys wont give you a chance. Sorry for the stereotyping but around where I live its pretty true. It is my least favorite part of the Quad Cities.

Why do I always complain????? It seems like I always complain…ALL THE TIME.

Well..on a happy note…I start Scrooge practice tonight….I think. I’ll have to talk to Erica. It’s really exciting! I have not been in a musical since my freshman year of high-school. The only problem is I am going to miss Heroes. AHHH NO!!!! And How I Met Your Mother..and Chuck (which is actually quite a nice show)

Well..I’m going to play some Spider Solitaire.



One Response to “Skipping English?”

  1. I’m not quite sure what to say, but I feel like commenting :)

    I am also not a fan of skipping class. I can’t remember if I did this year yet or not.. I’ll guess that I haven’t.

    And as for guys.. sometimes I hate being a guy just because there are so many idiot guys out there.

    And I’m gonna add you on facebook since you have a link to it over there on the right.

    – Zach

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