Core colors and chemistry profiles.


So I am a member of various on-line dating sites. I actually think they are use-full in helping people find love. and I applied to be on eharmony but they REJECTED me because…dun dun dun…I am too happy! Whatevvverrr.

All of these dating sites (besides have tests you take to see what type of personality you have. I always end up with the same core personality! So I guess it’s true that you are born with this certain “core color” and it sticks with you all your life.

Mine. I have always been a yellow. On I am categorized as a negotiator/builder. The sites are both extemely similar in the way they descibe my personality. Actually though, yellow is just my physical color. I have yet to find out if I have another core color in a different category. That site is actually very interesting. I don’t agree with everything, but a lot of it I do.

People say that these core color/core personality tests are witchcraft, but I really don’t think they are. Maybe if you rely on it to guide every aspect of your life, yes. Its a bit like astrology. I like to read my horoscope, I’ll admit it, but I don’t rely on it to guide me through my day. In fact, I read them at night to see if their were any similarities between what it said and how my day was.

Besides, God said he knew you before you were in your mothers womb, so obviously he knew what kind of personality you had/have before you even did? Even before your mother did. Even mothers say that all of their children had different personalities before they took their first breath. My mom says that my older sister, my younger brother and me all had different personalities as soon as we were born.

I like to contemplate things like this.

Well I’ll be back later with a new blog. I’m going to make something for my lunch that will take two hours to cook. ;p I’m going to make some homemade chicken noodle soup.


PS: Phil Wickham and Falling Up today!!! AHHHHH!!!!!


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