I remember those days.


I remember the days of playing outside. Sliding down slides. Flips on the swings. Not being able to play near the street. Playing with dolls. Having pick-nicks consisting of chips and ranch dip. Jungle bungle. Math Blaster. Oregon trail. Grade school. Swimming. Sprinklers. Big wheels and bikes. Lisa Frank and American Girl. Crunching leaves. Kids meals. Beanie Babies. The Q-U Wedding.

I remember when it changed. When everyone wasn’t friends with everyone anymore. Middle school. Cliques. Being picked on. (But not really caring.). Good friends and half friends. Popular and unpopular. Field trips. Ice skating. Anti-conformity. not eating school lunches unless it was nacho day. school pizza. milk. “book stores” reading for fun. 8th grade graduation. Seeing Star Wars Episode 2 seven times in the theaters. drifting away from past friends.

I remember high school. Big. Fun. Amazing. Not caring what others think still. Not eating school lunch at all. winter musicals and spring plays. Tarauntara! Great English teachers. Moving. New schools. New friends. New choir. Changes. Obsessions, unobsessing. Midnight premiers of Star Wars. music. No musicals. No plays. choir concerts. big crushes and as a result big fights. annoying boys. bon fires. graduating high school..not caring. two friends my age. wishing for love. writing for papers. Coffee shops.

I remember last year. Work. No time for friends. Depression. Not given a chance. Frustration. No songs. No singing. Annoyed. No magic at Christmastimes.

Now: work. school. frustration at friends. Wanting more from life. Wanting friends to want more in life. annoyed. frustration at family. GOD=LOVE. God=only true love. God=only way to get away from frustration. blogging. new on-line friends help ease the frustration. Falling in love with a boy on the radio. Falling in love with a boy I don’t know.

 the end: frustration with mom for freaking out that I am not doing my schoolwork…at…1 AM IN THE MORNING.

-Hannah (This was everywhere. But I needed to do it. I needed to vent. And it helped)


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