Josh Groban.


Every-time I listen to Josh Groban I fall in love. I fall in love with being in love. I imagine myself with any guy that I have the teeniest crush on at the time. It’s not really a bad thing either.

And on that note—I hate the dreams you have where you are sooo in love with someone and they are in love with you. Everything is so perfect and wonderful. Then you wake up and that feeling is gone. Some of it is still there, the memory of the dream but it goes away throughout the day. I just hate that.

I want that feeling to last forever. Is that wishful thinking?  Is that too much to ask for? Is it not realistic? I really do not know. I do believe that God has one specific person out there for you; and that you are that persons true love as well. BUT: I also believe that you are compatible and are capable of living a happy and full life with someone else..even if they are not your true love.

 If only everything was like Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Sabrina and Harvey) or Boy Meets World (Angela and Shawn–they are so much better than Cory and Topanga).

I just love, that’s all I ask. Love. I have been a really sappy person lately. I want a boy. I want someone to love me forever. I have God. I have my family. I have my friends..but I want romantic love.

 I think there is something wrong with me, because I am not satisfied with those three. Jesus, family, friends. Is there? I know its silly to want more when I have so much.

I hate those dreams. I love Josh Groban. Mmm, Josh Groban. Thank you for being amazing.


5 Responses to “Josh Groban.”

  1. 1 alymc

    I saw on facebook you’re going to Passion in Chicago?

  2. 2 alymc

    Oh, I noticed your picture from the blogs.

  3. Not anymore unfortunetely. :/ I wish I could go. I might go to one of the later ones though.

  4. 4 alymc

    Ahhh. OK. Just thought I’d check ;)

  5. :] Yep yep. I’m hoping that if I study abroad next year I’ll be able to go to one of the Europe/UK passion conferences. That would be amazing.

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