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Bleh. I’m sick of everything. Seriously. I cannot wait untill school lets out.  I want it to snow. I want creepy guy to quit talking to me. sajflsajf;ljas;fdlkj Advertisements

Did I mention how much I love sweet country boys? Haha. I went to a bonfire on Friday night for Intervarsity. Well the smoke kept blowing towards me and I was getting iratated so I said something about it so Matt (a different Matt from the Matt previously mentioned here who happens to be in […]

Her mom allows her brother to smoke in his room. lskjflkjaseflkj Bull crap.

I’m really like this guy. A lot. I have not felt like this ever in my life. xD This is pretty exciting. HOPE


Is it possible to be in love with someone you just met? Because I swear I am. I have never felt this way about any guy I have ever met. Well. I met him at the begining of the school year, but I didn’t start really talking to him untill recently. This is weird. This is […]

I’m so sick of everything. I’m so sick of people understanding me. Even my best friend doesn’t understand me. I’m not being emo. I need something more. I need fire. I need passion. I want people who are on fire for God. I want my friends to understand that. I’ve got intervarsity. My friends there no […]