“I hear smoke follows beauty.”


Did I mention how much I love sweet country boys? Haha. I went to a bonfire on Friday night for Intervarsity. Well the smoke kept blowing towards me and I was getting iratated so I said something about it so Matt (a different Matt from the Matt previously mentioned here who happens to be in my Comp class) said “Well I hear smoke follows beauty.” in his little twang. I laughed. That comment made my day. It was just a simple sweet comment.

I’ve been having ups and downs lately. Some days are really great, some are not. I notice I get down a lot more in the night though. I know I shouldn’t complain but I’m just so tired of my friends who do not understand. I’ll tell you later what they don’t understand.

I want to do something with my life. I want to go away for a year. Do some missions work. Do something. I just can’t sit back here and watch it pass me by. I’m so sick of mediocraty. Blehhhh.

On a different and much more happy note. I am making cookies for Intervarsity Wenesday in hopes that I will make Matt fall in love with. This time it is the Matt that was previously mentioned. The Matt I have a crush on, hehe. xD He even said that the way to a guys heart is through his stomache! This was when I mentioned last week that I would love to cook for someone, and he told me to get married. xD I mentioned that because he said he was going to visit a friend with his brother over the weekend and she was excited because she got to cook for someone.

Look at this, I told my self I wouldn’t get obsessed with a boy again and it happened. I dunno. Maybe, just maybe, he is the one. MAYBE.

He has ruined me though. I can’t get him out of my head. :]



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